About Us

About Us

SyntaxTrans Inc. was founded in Toronto, Canada in 2002 in a response to a growing need for high quality medical transcription manpower, and an environment ready for cost cutting measures and greater efficiencies. SyntaxTrans Inc. was founded by a strong management team with a combined industry experience of 40+ years and a vision for innovation in health information data processing. We continue to experience significant growth through our innate understanding of client's needs, and through our commitment to excellence in customer service.


At SyntaxTrans Inc. we ensure that patient identifiable information is secure through redundant encryption, that information is traceable and limited to those employees required to get the job done, and that data retention complies with client specified requests and PIPEDA legislation.

The use of personal information in Canadian commercial activities is now protected by federal legislation under the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA), or by provincial legislation that is "substantially similar" to the federal legislation.

PIPEDA applies to both traditional, paper-based business as well as on-line commercial activities.

Privacy is a deeply-rooted, strongly-held public value. PIPEDA was enacted to alleviate consumer concerns about privacy and to allow Canada's business community to compete in the global digital economy. Organizations able to demonstrate their respect for, and protection of, personal information will gain a cutting edge on the competition. Complying with PIPEDA will build trust in the digital marketplace and create opportunities for Canadian businesses.

Quality Assurance

At SyntaxTrans Inc. we are committed to the highest Quality Assurance health information standards and monitoring in the industry. Following guidelines from the American Association for Medical Transcription (AAMT), our process includes daily audits and formalized Quality Control procedures at all levels. Clients receive monthly QA and turnaround statistics to integrate with their departmental reporting procedures.

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